Values you can expect Gemini to uphold as an employer, fiduciary, and partner:


The underpinning of every decision we make. We never put the reputation of our firm, investors, or team members at risk.

Speed & Transparency

Our experience enables a shortened, focused diligence cycle that allows us to commit to a transaction quickly while being judicious. Communication with our stakeholders is candid, concise, and prompt.

Competency & Results

Well-trained, driven by a perpetual desire to learn and improve. We take pride in our collective perseverance to achieve the optimal outcome.


Positive long-term partnerships form the cornerstone of Gemini’s success. After deals close, reputations and relationships endure. Gemini will never sacrifice a long-term partnership for short-term economic gain.

Gemini nurtures an environment where our associates, at all levels, openly and enthusiastically express their ideas and seek to achieve their best.

Inclusive & Collective

We prioritize inclusiveness and reward collective performance versus individual achievement.

Casual, But Polished

We cast off unnecessary formality, which slows down execution and makes work less rewarding, in favor of a stimulating collegial atmosphere.

Open, Innovative, & Safe

We encourage open communication and idea sharing across all levels of the firm. Creativity is rewarded, and we never stop pursuing potentially better ways of doing things.

Trusting, Balanced, & Flexible

We prioritize training, flexibility, and autonomy. We believe in “learning by doing,” letting our team members complete tasks from beginning to end while Gemini’s leadership team provides mentorship when needed.