Our unique culture can be described as:

  • Inclusive and Collective.Not Competitive:   Gemini rewards collective performance versus individual achievement – our boats rise and fall together. Moreover, inclusiveness is a priority at the firm: we recognize the strength of diversity.
  • Open, Innovative, and Safe: We encourage open communication and idea sharing across all levels of the firm. The phrase “that is the way we have always done it” is not in our vocabulary. We reward creativity and are always exploring potentially better ways of doing things.
  • Trusting, balanced, and Flexible: We believe in “learning by doing.” Once the necessary tools and training are in-place, we trust our people to complete projects from start to finish while Gemini’s leadership serves as a guiding hand. Additionally, we provide flexibility for our team to choose when – and where – they perform their best work.
  • Passionate & Respectful: We always pursue our work with a positive attitude and purpose – a team approach characterized by loyalty and mutual respect.
  • Casual, But Polished: In our experience, formality slows down execution and makes work less motivating. We try to keep it casual, exciting, and rewarding.